Dental Bridge




Problems in later life how embarrassing it can be to have empty gap with your mouth as soon as your teeth the skin loses that is certainly why we offer dental bridge. - Dental implants Mission Viejo  

Dental bridge are since the name goes, bridges the space manufactured by any missing tooth or several teeth. Our dental bridge comprises of several artificial or dentures called pontics and are held together by several anchoring teeth called abutment. You can expect artificial teeth created from an array of materials for example gold, alloys, silver or porcelain.

In placing the dental bride, our dentist supports them by natural tooth or implants.

Why dental bridge?

Bridges have several importance and processes like

�    Help maintain your available teeth from moving out of their proper position

�    It helps to conserve the shape and structure with the face

�    Dental bridges can help you restore lost power to chew and even speak properly

�    By replacing missing teeth through dental bridges, the force to bite properly becomes evenly distributed.

�    It not just restores your smile but restores the confidence in your soul thus making your smile your crowning glory

What to expect during a dental bridge

Creating a dental bridge can be an affordable, low risk and tried and true strategy for your missing teeth which is why our dentists not rush to get your best and enviable latest results for you

Within your first visit to have a bridge, we prepare the abutment teeth by recontouring the teeth by removing element of the enamel to ensure you will see room for any crown to be placed on them and models will probably be produced by making impressions of teeth.

Our dentist will thereafter create a temporary dental bridge to use so that your exposed teeth and gum is going to be protected whilst the dental bridge will be made.

On your own second visit, we are going to remove your temporary bridge whilst the dental bridge is going to be checked to acquire a proper fit and the bridge is cemented in place.

Our dental bridges can last for quite a long time and will not cause any discomfort in the mouth. - Dental implants Mission Viejo